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How Lightning Makes Bitcoin Great Again (for Payments)

by Bailey Reutzel

BMW, Intel Partner With Government-Backed Blockchain Accelerator

| Yogita Khatri

BMW Group Asia, Intel and Nielsen are now corporate partners of the Singapore government-supported blockchain accelerator Tribe.

UPS Targets B2B Sales With New Blockchain E-Commerce Platform

| Diana Aguilar

U.S.-based shipping giant UPS has announced a new blockchain integration aimed to bring business-to-business sales into the digital age.

square, bitcoin

Satoshi Square: How Bitcoin Took Over a Park (And Then the World)

| Evan Engel

Before we knew whether bitcoin was legal or illegal, a group on New Yorkers created an in-person meetup for people to buy, sell and trade the…

You Can Now Donate to the Tor Project in 9 Different Cryptocurrencies

| Nikhilesh De and Daniel Palmer

The Tor Project is now accepting crypto donations directly, taking bitcoin, ether, monero, zcash and 5 others.

Duke University Collaborates for Blockchain Lab, Education Program

| Yogita Khatri

Duke University is teaming up with Citizens Reserve to help students learn about blockchain tech and get hands-on with real projects.

Bitcoin Futures Volume Is More Significant Than You Think, Bitwise Says

| Nikhilesh De

The bitcoin futures market is far larger, relative to the spot market, than previously thought, says Bitwise Asset Management.

Crypto Lender BlockFi Cuts Interest Rates Paid to Largest Account Holders

| Anna Baydakova

Just weeks after launching the product, BlockFi has cut the interest rate paid to large customers on its crypto deposit account.

Road to Consensus with Kadena’s Will Martino: Who Needs Private Blockchain?

| Nolan Bauerle

Bain-Backed Crypto Exchange Seed CX Is Expanding to Asia

| Yogita Khatri

Chicago-based cryptocurrency exchange Seed CX, which Bain Capital backed last year, is expanding to Asia via a local partnership.

Crypto Lawyer Drew Hinkes Joins Firm to Help ICO Issuers Fight Back

| Anna Baydakova

Blockchain lawyer Andrew Hinkes has joined has joined legal services firm Carlton Fields, where he will focus on litigating cases for token sellers.