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DOJ Brings Extortion Charges Against Early Advisor to Ethereum, tZero

by William Foxley
lamesh, wallet, GK8

Israeli Startup Creates Offline Crypto Wallet with Online Connectivity

| Danny Nelson

Israeli startup GK8 unveiled a cold-storage crypto wallet with on-network transfer capabilities.

SEC Charges Token Sale Platform ICOBox With Securities Violations

| Nikhilesh De

The SEC has charged ICOBox and its founder with violating securities and registration requirements with its token sale and operations.

Litecoin Non-Profit to Hold Undisclosed Treasury Sum with Crypto Lender

| William Foxley

The Litecoin Foundation has tapped Celsius Network, a blockchain-based crypto lending program, to become its preferred crypto wallet.

Binance Is Pitching Its Stablecoin as a Government-Friendly Libra Competitor

| Ian Allison

Binance is now positioning its Venus stablecoin project as an alternative to Facebook's Libra, a month after downplaying any suggestions of rivalry.

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Decentralized Employment Ecosystem Opolis to Integrate MakerDAO’s Dai Cryptocurrency

| Danny Nelson

Opolis received a grant from MakerDAO to integrate its Dai cryptocurrency into its decentralized employer ecosystem for payroll and benefits.

Germany Passes National Policy to Explore Blockchain But Limit Stablecoins

| Anna Baydakova

Germany's cabinet has passed a national strategy for exploring blockchain tech, while limiting the threat of stablecoins like Facebook's Libra.

Overstock to Restructure Ex-CEO’s Crypto Dividend to End Lockup

| Daniel Palmer

The online retail giant is to drop trading restrictions for its digital asset-based dividend instigated by former CEO Patrick Byrne.

People With Least Knowledge Most Positive on Crypto’s Future: ING

| Daniel Palmer

People with less knowledge about cryptocurrency are the most likely to be positive on its future, according to research from Dutch bank ING.

Craig Wright photo

Craig Wright ‘in Discussions’ to Settle Multi-Billion-Dollar Court Case

| Daniel Palmer

Craig Wright, the entrepreneur who controversially claims he is Satoshi Nakamoto, is moving to settle the $10 billion Kleiman court case.

New York Among 13 States Excluded as Binance.US Opens for Registrations

| Daniel Palmer

The U.S. arm of cryptocurrency exchange Binance is opening for registration and deposits on Wednesday.